Have you ever wanted to achieve a dream or career goal so much that you could almost taste it?

Maybe you’re starting a new business and are excited to establish yourself successfully…

Maybe you’re seeking clarity in finding a career path that ignites your passion and empowers you to make continual progress…

Or maybe you’re looking for new ways to infuse an already successful career with a greater sense of joy, connection, and fulfillment.

I’m glad you’re here. I’ve worked to achieve my goals and now I’d love to help you achieve yours.

Achieving the success you desire & deserve

Two decades ago, I was a broke teen mom raising my son on my own. I had a goal though, to build a happy, healthy, and financially stable life for myself and my son. I put myself through college and quickly rose to leadership positions in careers spanning direct sales, banking, operations, and educational staffing.

Today my son is grown, and I’m realizing my next goal: putting my own experience to use to empower professional women to break through barriers, limiting beliefs, and roadblocks to achieving the career success they desire and deserve.

A different kind of coaching

I’ve synthesized my extensive life experience with years of training to create my signature method of consulting and coaching. It’s called the STAR Method to Rise, and it combines the best practices of mindset coaching, mentorship, and career consulting to provide professional women with a uniquely empowering experience of clarity and an actionable plan that gives them forward momentum.  

I believe the best coaches can back up real-life experience with trusted credentials, which is why I built my coaching career on my own hard-earned insights as well as specific training including:

Certified Coach

Becoming a Certified Coach through The Clique Academy, an ICF Accredited Program

BA in Communications

Earning my B.A. in Communications from Temple University 

Executive Leadership

Achieving Certification from the Executive Leadership Institute for Women, The Leader’s Edge/Leaders by Design

NLP Master Practitioner

Becoming an NLP Master Practitioner with Distinction through the Centre of Excellence 

Leadership Certification

Attaining a Leadership Certification in Company Culture, Leadership & Best-In-Class Service from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

My vision for you

The first thing I want you to know is that you do not have to pick between career success and personal happiness. They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they actually go hand-in-hand. You deserve them both. You can have them both. The more we as women claim our careers with confidence and joy, the better our personal lives, our corporations, and our society will be.

My vision for you is a life of meaning, professional success, and impact that you define, claim and enjoy. If that’s your vision too and you’re ready to make it happen, let’s talk.

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