“I just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you for our sessions. Honestly I found them so impactful and utterly transformational. I know you said it was me who did the work, but you were an incredible facilitator and made me feel so comfortable to share things I’ve never had the confidence to share otherwise. I am already practising my daily affirmations of “I am Confident” and the difference in my attitude, both personally and professionally has been transformed. I’m not sure thank you can actually convey how much I needed your support at this point in my life.”

Danielle Blackburn

Illinois, USA

“I just had a great session with Steph. It really opened my eyes to some things and experienced some new realizations that I havent discovered before. I was really comfortable with her and was able to share alot during our time together.  I really felt heard and supported during the call. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to breakthrough whats holding them back and level up your career.” 

Mara Palermo

North Carolina, USA

After working with coach Stephanie Ritz, I feel so much clearer on what has held me back in my own limiting beliefs and how I have been letting my own fears of what people might think of me, keep me in a paralyzed state of mind. I now have ideas and tools on how to move forward and motivate myself to be more empowered and ready to launch my own business and be more visible. She so easy to relate to, I could have talked to her for hours! I would highly recommend Stephanie Ritz for anyone considering to work with a coach in any part of their life!

Nicole Bozan


“Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action.”


“I sought out Steph without really thinking I needed a business coach at all. But after an amazing first session in which I gained so much clarity and insight into my own goals/wants/drivers I decided to deep dive properly and invest in myself in order to level up.

I’ve now been working with Steph for 4-5 months now, and the leader I have become and am becoming is drastically different to who I was before prior. Self reflection is challenging at the best of times, being guided with the right questions by someone who’s not only accomplished in her career but incredibly smart and empathetic has been a total game changer. Steph’s coaching has enabled me to truly do leaps in my mindset to become the leader I’ve always wanted to be and reach new career goals.

Daphnee Cotton

Florida, USA

“Steph is an amazing coach! My first session with her was so easy. She has such a relaxing quality about her which made me feel safe and that I could be vulnerable with her. We did some reimprinting work that brought up some past memories that I didn’t realize were still impacting me! It was amazing to me what she was able to help me dig up and confront after all these years. We also did some EFT work which helped me to feel balanced and calm to conclude the session. Steph leads with her heart when she coaches and you can feel that from the first interaction! I highly recommend her and her services! You can trust her.”

Alex Scott

California, USA

“I was once afraid of people saying ‘Who does she think she is?’ Now I have the courage to stand and say, ‘This is who I am!’”

Oprah Winfrey

“In my session with coach Stephanie, she asked me very important questions that helped me to understand my subconscious desires for my life and career. She was very supportive, open minded and really helped guide me through the process. I highly recommend her as a career coach!” 

Danielle Guilfoil

New York, USA

“Working with Stephanie is exactly what I needed in order to find the confidence and right mindset to start working towards becoming an entrepreneur.

She has helped me in finding the right focus and stay on track while building my own business. Stephanie is passionate, driven and very inspiring and I am so glad I have her by my side while building my business. Her experience, dedication & passion for helping others thrive within their career shines through during every session. If you’re seeking help in “claiming your career” you will want to work with Stephanie.”

Alicia Panzer

Hawaii, USA

“You’ll be amazed at what you attract when you start believing if what you deserve!”


“Since I began working with Steph 3 years ago she has always been an excellent source of information and advice. She doesn’t just give answers, she helps you talk through problems and their solutions so that you can address the situation independently in the future. While career opportunities have led us on different paths, Steph has remained a stellar mentor and has made herself available to me at all hours of the day. In addition to guidance and direction, she is a great role model for women in the workplace and a truly valued advisor and friend.”

Samantha Hummer

Pennsylvania, USA

“I would like to acknowledge the incredible work that Stephanie Ritz is doing. I started working with Steph to better understand why I feel “stuck” in my life. The clarity sessions pulled out a lot of emotions from my past that I learned were controlling my future. Stephanie’s compassion and understanding of my needs helped me to move forward and gain some understanding and perspective of myself and my life moving forward.  I now have the tools that I need to move forward in my life, thanks to Steph! She has been a godsend and I’m beyond grateful for her expertise and her sincere care that she has given me.”

Charlene Janiec

Pennsylvania, USA

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